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The United States is 5% of the world’s population, yet it consumes 99% of all Vicodin manufactured, and 86% of all pain medication combined. In 2014, there were over 200 million prescriptions written for opiates by physicians in the US, almost enough for every adult to have a bottle of their own.

While there is legislation to reduce the number of prescriptions, and there is evidence that it has reduced ever so slightly, greater awareness needs to be made, more work to be done in this arena. The Rob 20 Foundation, which stands for Reduce Opiate Prescriptions by 20%, is two-fold:

  1. We will create an awareness campaign both online and by speaking to physician groups as to what the Rob 20 Foundation is hoping to achieve. We are not a group that intimidates and or calls out certain physicians. We are the physician’s friend in this “epidemic of opiates”.
  2. For physicians who are abusing drugs and or alcohol, we will be a resource for them, and show them that there are alternatives to having to be treated for 30 days; while many programs are successful at 30, 60 or 90 days, most professionals will not go for it, until it is too late. There are many successful outpatient programs that will allow the doctor to continue to work, not to mention more affordable.


As the founder of Rob 20 Foundation, I’ve undergone 16 surgeries to date, and it was my 14th surgery where I had severe complications with pulmonary emboli following a full knee replacement. This complication caused my doctors to make a decision to either use a very high amount of pain medications to prevent my knee from being a frozen joint, or, reduce the amount of pain medication, and let the knee be frozen.

As a result, less than two months after the surgery, I still had severe pain and became addicted to pain medication. My doctors suggested that I “cut back”, but every time I tried to accomplish this, I ended up having severe panic attacks. Although I now take full responsibility for allowing this medical problem to escalate, at the time, it seemed perfectly normal to my own prescriptions for additional opiates. A situation that today I cannot comprehend occurred, and yet, doctors across the United States do this every day.  

About our Foundation

The Rob 20 Foundation is a non-profit, supported financially in part by Dr. Nordyke; the group can and will  grow by donations. We anticipate having a part-time administrator in the near future and depending on how fast the Foundation grows, we hope to have a full-time President and CFO within 12 months.






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