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The human body, like any organic matter, relies on food as its fuel to power it. What you put in your body affects it in many manners, most of which we do not even consciously consider in our day-to-day lives. Here are some ways in which what we eat influences our health.

Healthy And Balanced Diet

A healthy and balanced diet which contains all the essential nutrients and enough fiber content not only helps the body function normally and efficiently but also reduces the risk of potential heart diseases, hypertension, and even diabetes.

People who consume excessive amounts of carbohydrates and fried foods can become obese, which is often soon followed by hypertension and/or diabetes since carbohydrates cannot compensate for the body’s need for proteins, vitamins and fiber. Moreover, consumption of white flour and oily substances is also the leading cause of clogged arteries.

Adulterated Foods

Adulterated foods (generally grains and pulses) can harm the body by introducing chemical substances that not only serve no purpose to the body but may cause great harm to the body. Insecticide-ridden produce also does the same thing, just through different means. The introduction of insecticides in the human body may lead to several skin problems, rashes and also infections and/or allergic reactions.

The eradication of meat and dairy foods items from our daily diet is another powerful step in the direction of living a healthy and disease-free life, considering that meat and dairy products come with their own host of potential diseases, including certain types of cancers. For diabetic people, another important thing that they must keep in mind is to consume food with a low glycemic index.

The Role of Sugar

While sugar is the most obvious food item with a high glycemic index, there are several other items with a high glycemic index that you may not have considered to be harmful because they masquerade as something else until they are digested by the body and turn into sugars. These items include foods such as white bread, cereals, and white pastas, which can prove harmful to the body. Food items that are safe to eat for people suffering from diabetes include sourdough bread, multigrain bread, and most fruits and vegetables. Nuts also have a low glycemic index and are safe for consumption for those with diabetes.

Considering all the above facts, it can be overwhelming to figure out which diet to follow and how to make it one that tastes good and also keeps you fit and healthy. This, however, is a personal choice (and also a matter of resources, based on financial status and the geographic region you live in) since committing to a healthy diet is not a magic potion but rather a lifestyle.