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Not everyone needs pharmaceutical pain meds and it’s the nasty side effects many of them have that encourages people to seek alternatives to pills and potions. There are ways to cope with pain you don’t need a prescription for so don’t hesitate to discuss those “other options” with your Doctor. After all, what good does it do to get rid of the pain only to replace it with nausea, depression or anxiety?

Focus On Learning To Relax

Tight muscles only intensify pain. If you are on prescription meds for you may find that adding a dose of relaxation to the dose makes it more effective. Simple things like slow, regular breathing while listening to your favorite music, sitting in a tub of warm water or your favorite chair, all will help bring on a relaxed feeling that may not take the pain away but it will help you deal with it in healthier ways.

Put Your Imagination To Work

Imagery is a popular distraction from pain. Concentrating on an image of something that brings pleasure can relieve pain symptoms long after your meditation is done. If your illness keeps you indoors or in bed, visualization can do more than help with pain. It has been known to decrease anxiety and promote healthy, healing sleep as well. Focusing on an image rather than the pain has obvious benefits and no harsh side effects.

Use Your Sense of Touch and Whatever Ability You Have To Exercise

Stimulation of the skin using pressure, heat or cold, and friction are three ways to manage pain and improve your quality of life. The same nerves that register pain also register the gentler sensations that bring relief. If you are mobile enough, get up and stretch your body every chance you get. This will help you avoid stiffness in muscles and joints that only adds to the pain.

Communication Helps

Anyone who lives with chronic pain will be the first to understand exactly what that life is like. There is no need to hide or pretend that all is well when it isn’t, that will only make things worse. If you can’t find a support group in your neighborhood, start your own or look online. It may take awhile to find a group you feel comfortable in but rest assured, once you have, the peace of sharing with another person can change your life.