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If doctors reduce prescriptions of opiates, how many lives would be saved? The new Foundation, Rob 20, is asking ASAM, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the Cures Program and the DEA to give their numbers to ROB20, an association who’s primary goal is to create an awareness with physicians to please reduce their prescriptions of opiates. “It is clear that doctors in the United States write far more prescriptions for opiates than do other physicians in other countries.

“America represents 4% of the world population, yet 99% of all Vicodin prescriptions go through America, with 86% of all opiate prescriptions going through the US”, states Founder Dr. Randy Nordyke. “So it is easy to deduce that decreasing Opiate prescriptions will have a positive effect in reducing opiate and heroin addiction”.

The overall goal of ROB20 is to see if there is a linear relationship with a reduction in opiate prescriptions that correlate with a reduction in opiate and heroin addiction and deaths.

“Regardless, we know that reducing the prescriptions written will dramatically reduce this growing epidemic in the US”, states Nordyke. If ROB20 can tie a correlation to opiate prescriptions, then doctors will be able to see that they can have a positive effect in reducing their prescriptions.

“Doctors do not like change, but, like their duty to vote, if we can show them that ‘a doctor at a time we can make a difference’ we feel doctors will participate”, states CEO Barbara Kuczycki; plus we will create a PR campaign that doctors that want to make a difference belong to ROB20.

The ROB2O Founders goal is to also use Celebrities to get this word out to the public, and take advantage of any and all airtime, radio waves and Social Media to get it’s message across; furthermore, ROB20 will appeal to Malpractice Insurance companies to encourage doctors to participate, and for a fee of $50 a year, they will get a $250 reduction in Malpractice Insurance costs.

ROB20 will definitely gain momentum if the Malpractice carriers and hospitals get behind the movement; “this should not be difficult, states Nordyke, rather it should be something that every doctor in the US wants to participate, and in fact, with a plaque on the wall, it will also give doctors the automatic excuse to let them say no to drug seekers when they come into their offices.”

The goal of ROB20 is to save 25,000 lives per year and to reduce the number of people who need to enter rehab due to opiates by 50,000 people per year.
“Clearly doctors write for more opiates than needed for patients who have pain and or have surgery, states Nordyke. I was one of those doctors, who wrote the same prescription regardless of what surgery I had just completed, and some only needed 5 pills, not 30 with a refill.”